Spring CCA Bulletin – News from The Collie Rescue Foundation

Reprinted from the Collie Club of America – The Bulletin, Spring 2016 Issue

News from The Collie Rescue Foundation
By Jeannette Poling, Board Member

The Collie Rescue Foundation, Inc. is a national organization established to promote and assist in the rescue of purebred Collies. The foundation’s primary goals are to provide emergency funding to rescues; to provide education on responsible pet ownership; to assist in fund raising ideas or opportunities for rescues; and offer guidelines for adoption of rescue Collies.  By offering education and guidelines we hope to provide a uniform set of procedures to groups offering rescue Collies for adoption.

The Collie Rescue Foundation has wonderful affiliates across the country. I am pleased to share two wonderful happily-ever-after stories of Collies that were cared for by two of these organizations and their fabulous volunteers. Thank you to all the rescues for all the dogs you care for and for the new lives you give them, you are appreciated.

TEX – Freedom Collie Rescue

What happened to him? What caused this? Who did this to him? These were the words that came out of our mouths the first time we laid eyes on Tex. Here was this sweet, senior collie boy with a horrific wound down the entire length of his back.

CRF Article - Photo 1 - Tex%27s Back

Tex’s back injury AFTER it had been cleaned and started to heal; photo by
Angela Kriegel of Freedom Collie Rescue.

Tex came to us as an owner surrender, and we were told he had some sores on his back. That description was putting it mildly. Tex had open sores the entire length of his back. We could not imagine that his owner did not seek medical attention for him. He immediately went to our vet, and they cried when they saw his condition. Parts of his back had maggots in the sores and it appeared something caustic had been poured intentionally down a straight line on his back, causing a very bad burn. Our vet knew she could heal the sores, but was not sure his hair would ever grow back.

CRF Article - Photo 2 - Tex

Tex received excellent vet care and his treatment continued at his foster home. To our amazement, the hair on Tex’s back filled back in! The whole time during his treatment, Tex was a champ. We think he is about 10, but when he started to feel better, he ran and played with the other collies in his foster home like a younger boy.





Tex being loved-up, while recovering,
with his foster dad, Todd Ramey; photo by Lanette Ramey.

I am proud to announce that Tex has been adopted and is living like a king in his new home in Texas. What a happy ending for a wonderful Collie.

CRF Article - Photo 3 - Tex with new owner

Tex is now living the life of a beloved pet with the Lee Brucker; photo by
the Brucker family.

CRF Article - Photo 4 - Tex Smiling Face

A smiling happy and healthy Tex, has a new wonderful family thanks to
Freedom Collie Rescue; photo by Angela Kriegel.

~ Pat Booher, www.freedomcollierescue.org


DEUCE – Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue

People often think that the only animals in need of a rescue have been lost, abused or neglected but the truth is that sometimes even beloved family pets need a helping paw.

CRF Article - Photo 5 - Deuce

Adorable Deuce showing what a good boy he is;  photo by Sarah Rebernick of
Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.

Deuce, a 6 year old mahogany sable collie found himself in such a situation. Deuce came into MWCR under sad circumstances; he was originally purchased by his family at 8 weeks of age and had a great life enjoying walks, car rides, kids, kitties, other dogs and comfy couches. Unfortunately for everyone involved, he was surrendered due to a divorce that resulted in the owner’s loss of home and having to relocate to housing that did not allow dogs. This big sweetheart has been loved every step of the way (his foster mom had a pretty hard time letting him go) and now he has a new forever home. Deuce wants everyone to know that he is especially happy that his new home has kitties because he thinks they’re the greatest!

CRF Article - Photo 6 - Deuce in bed

Deuce now only has sweet dreams in his new home, thanks to Minnesota
Wisconsin Collie Rescue; photo by his new mom M.F. Ridge.

~ Sarah Rebernick, www.mwcr.org


I hope you enjoyed these “tails” which spoke of resilience, love, and happily-ever-after endings. For those who love and want to help homeless Collies, please support your local Collie Rescue AND become a member of the Collie Rescue Foundation.

You will find our membership application on our web site: http://www.collierescuefoundation.net/membership, where you can donate through PayPal or you can send your donation to our Membership Chairman, Diane Troxell, 5765 E. Sunset Point Drive, Cornville, Arizona 86325.

We also have an online store that sells beautiful sweatshirts (among other things): http://www.cafepress.com/dd/102111652

We hope you will join us, because remember:

“All Collies belong to you and me!”