Heart Of A Collie

Collie Rescue Story – Murphy

murphyMurphy is a beautiful blue merle boy at Tallahassee Collie Rescue. He likes Treiball, loves to play with toys, and likes to carry a bucket around, in the words of TCR “He is quirky but sweet”. He looks great but Murphy is a special needs collie. He has a seizure disorder that has been difficult to regulate but he is making progress. Murphy needed to have a neurological assessment, which included several tests including an MRI to see if a cause for his seizures could be found. The Collie Rescue Foundation was able to help TCR with these out of the ordinary expenses Murphy has a chance at a new home because of the time and care Tallahassee Collie Rescue has been able to provide him.

Collie Rescue Story – Lazarus

laz1Lazarus was a junkyard dog. He was a 15 year old collie in a bad situation. Collie Rescue of the Carolinas stepped in to help this senior boy. When he arrived at his foster home he had two baths and all the mats werelaz2 cut out of his fur. Clean and tired he settled down with a bone. Early the next week Lazarus went to the vet for a checkup. Unfortunately the the vet found an advanced case of heartworms, kidney failure, and a large mass. Lazarus would never survive exploratory surgery so the decision was made to put him down. Not all rescue stories end in a forever home, but Lazarus was clean and cared for at the end. He was ready to go to the bridge and waited until he was in a safe place. Thanks to Collie Rescue of the Carolinas for making this possible for Lazarus.

Collie Rescue Story – “G”

G picture 1Hi, my name is “G,” I’m a 3 1/2-year-old smooth coated collie whose life has changed from my humble beginnings. As I remember, when I was approximately 3 months old I got into some trouble after thinking it would be fun to go explore with my brother. We ended up getting picked up by the Doggie Police in Martinsville, IN. We were so scared, sick, and starving, but it was a blessing in disguise. The staff at the Doggie Police department allowed some nice people from the Tri-State Collie Rescue to come bail my brother and me out. They immediately rushed us to the doctor since we were so ill. After leaving the doctor, I lost track of my brother. I was taken to Fort Wayne where a nice lady by the name of Denise nursed me back to health. At the same time my mommy was browsing the Internet and come across my picture, at which time she inquired about me. A few weeks later I was at my forever home with my new family.

For the first six months living with my new family, it was a challenge for me to warm up. I know it hurt my mommy’s feelings; she tried everything from doggie day care to exposing me to new and different situations. Finally, my mommy saw something in me that made her think that I would enjoy agility, so she signed us up.

G picture 2We have been training together as a team ever since. We have been competing in agility trials for the last 1 1/2 years. It took 12 months of training together and developing as a team before we started competing. My mommy has some performance anxiety issues at the trials, which I tend to pick up on. This tends to make me uncomfortable and sometime nervous at a trial. She is working really hard to try to relax and not let her anxiety impact me, but it’s really hard for me not to pick up on how she is feeling. My biggest challenge in the last 6 months has been the weave poles at the trials. I have decided that they are optional. They are not my favourite thing, but my mommy is working with me to help me understand why they are not optional at the trials.

As we have worked together as a team this has developed our relationship; now we are inseparable. I know she loves me and would never let anything happen to me. Since competing we have received our novice, open and excellent titles, and we are now working on our MACH. I’m not sure what all those letters mean, but I know we have lots of fun together! I’m so happy I found my forever home.

Collie Rescue Story – Chance

Chance – Poster Child for Rescue Chance - zoomie

Chance was rescued by Houston Collie Rescue on August 30, 2014. He was one of 146 collies awarded by federal court in a bankruptcy case that revealed the hoarding situation. Like the rest of the collie world, I was horrified by what I was seeing. It was heartbreaking to see the pictures and video, but now that I have one of these dogs in my life, it’s even harder to see those pictures. One of my Facebook friends who is a vet and traveled to Houston to help that first weekend suggested that I consider trying to adopt one of those dogs. At that time I never dreamed it could happen; now, I can’t imagine it couldn’t.

Chance was initially named Christopher Robin and was thought to be about three months old. It turned out he was severely malnourished and under developed. His eyes were also so under developed and badly infected that it was thought he might be blind. He also had diffuse demodectic mange all over his body and a terrible skin infection. Bottom line was that he was one sick and miserable puppy; and upon initial evaluation many did not expected him to survive.

Chance at Camp CollieBecause of the amount of dogs Houston had, other rescues around the country were asked to help. The first batch of “Tomball Collies” left for New Mexico on September 19, under the care of Southwest Collie Rescue. Chance was one of the eleven taken, and he was also the most ill. Once arriving in New Mexico all were assessed and vetted. I had already applied to Southwest Collie Rescue and after the dogs arrived, they sent me the list of those dogs they received and told me to give them my top three picks. I gave them the top five, Dog #03 being my first choice. Dog #03 was Chance, so named because he was getting a second chance to have the life he deserved.

After reviewing my application and request, they replied that they felt he was probably eight months old and blind; my heart fell. For a split second I was going to say no, but in my heart I knew I wanted him and that he was worth “the chance.” So our adoption process began.

Chance stayed in a pet resort and was treated for his mange for six weeks, and during this time he gained weight and his overall health improved. On November 8 he was transported to Phoenix, where he was fostered in a home for the first time. He was seen by ophthalmologist and given different eye medications; he may possibly need these for the rest of his life. His foster mom taught him to sit and wait for his meds and she would reward him with a treat afterwards. He is very good about allowing me to medicated his eyes twice a day! He is such a good boy!

As his health continued to improve it was decided that Chance was ready to come to his forever home. He was transported to Las Vegas from Phoenix on November 30, and then my friend in Las Vegas brought him to Reno on December 1, 2014. What an exciting day for me!!! Chance settled in well. He only had to be crated at night for a couple of nights, only had one accident in the house and only dumped the water bowl once.

I started a Facebook page for Chance so people could follow his story and his progress. For a dog that had such a bad start, he is remarkable. He is well mannered and very well behaved. He is attentive and playful.

We started obedience classes at Petco the first part of January. He is now into the second adult obedience class and hopefully will go on to the Canine Good Citizen classes when they are available.

Chance was seen by the ophthalmologist in Reno in January. I was thrilled that the doctor said his vision is good and as he gains weight and fills out, his eyes are becoming more normal, possibly eliminating the need for entropian surgery in future. He will recheck Chance’s eyes in July.

Just to give you a little background about the dynamics here and the role that Chance has played in my life, on December 24, 2013, I lost my heart dog, Ozzy, to a suspected brain tumor. He was my dream dog, and it was devastating to me to lose him. I was blessed with the opportunity to have Lyric, and I did have my two blue merles, Buddy and Pistol, but there was a big hole. I tried to find another brown-eyed sable merle boy but things didn’t work out and I had given up. And then Tomball happened. Chance is a healer for me. I still miss the dogs I’ve lost, and in particular Ozzy, but Chance has filled the void and brought life back to the pack.

Today Chance is a happy and healthy collie, weighing 55 pounds. He has a nice coat and looks great. He gets along well with other dogs and with our cats. He has a good appetite and enjoys his meals, no matter what kind of special things I might put in his bowl. Although Chance’s beginning was horrific, today he is Collie who has a “joie de vivre” that makes my heart sing. He gets immense pleasure enjoying the simplest things in life: zoomies in the yard, barking, chewing on a bone, sleeping on his bolster bed. In fact he loves his bloster bed so much that if someone has occupied it he barks them off.Chance - bloster bed

He has his own Facebook page called “Take a Chance on Me” and has made lots of friends all over the world. Chance and I would like to thank the wonderful people of Houston Collie Rescue for all that they did to get these dogs out of that House of Horrors and on the road to healing and finding new homes.   In addition to the people in Houston we would like to thank Kathy, Bill and Linn of Southwest Collie Rescue for all that they did to help Chance get back to good health and get him home to Reno. And Darlene, thank you for setting the wheels in motion. I met Sandy on your page because of a post about another Collie situation. Without Sandy, I might not have gotten the opportunity to have Chance in my life. And my friend, Marsha, who drove him home from Las Vegas. It took a lot of coordination from the first day of that rescue in August to save just one dog, and collie rescues all over this country did it many times over.

And finally here is a link to a YouTube video https://youtu.be/9do2uBzaYC8 that pictorially tells of Chance’s journey. It was made by Denice, who is the foster mom to another Tomball Collie, Dallas. Once again I am so grateful to all the people who decided to take a chance on my Chance. I am so blessed to have him in my life!

Chance - in the grassBonnie Pinkston